Moving in and moving on.

We get to Montana, stuff arrives, it’s unloaded and now its time to see how we are going to fit into our new community. We are nomads for the first time in our lives. Nomads is a bit dramatic - we own a home, we own another property in Bozeman and we are in the middle of finalizing the design of the home we will be building in ‘town’. So not exactly nomads but kinda sorta…

The feeling of nomad comes from the fact that we are camping in our house because for part of June, all of July and through the first week in August we have guests (renters) at LP Ranch. We had accepted the commitments for paying guests before we really understood our calendar for the summer. It wasn’t great planning on our part so we are nomads - camping in our own house and basically living out of suitcase.

We moved our stuff, stayed at LP for 10 days and then we were off on an epic road trip.