Chief Marketing/Digital Officer - Building an effective sales and marketing plan is key to driving the top line.  Using proven methodologies and best practices from years of experience make for a successful engagement.  Strategy to Action is not just buzzy but a real life practice.  Building effective marketing strategies includes integrating sales goals with an action plan to drive growth.  The mantra is simple:  If you can't measure it, it didn't happen.

Content Marketing/Social Media - Sales & Marketing have grown increasingly dependent upon a wide variety of media to get the word out.  Shouting from the roof tops doesn't drive sales.  Using proven methods and best practices for content marketing and social media, builds awareness, drives sales, ensures loyal customers and creates brands.  Insert Made2Market to bring these tools to work for your organization.

Executive in Residence -  Sometimes an organization needs help with leadership in marketing, strategy, revenue creation or organizational effectiveness.  Brandt Williams is especially comfortable in organizations that are transitioning from one leader to the next, creating clarity during a time of chaos or disruption, or developing sustainable business practices for market clarity and definition.  Brandt has played the leadership role many times and is available on a part-time or project basis.

Team Building/Mentorship - Make your current team the most effective they can become.  Bolstering existing marketing personnel for the maximum potential is key to sustained consistent success.  Brandt Williams can point to many years of successful team building across a variety of organizations and market segments.  Call and find out more.  If you would like,  you can also speak to references directly.

What Others Say:

David Burk - Founder/CEO at The Electron Shop

Brandt has the perfect experience and intellect to excel at any marketing leadership engagement. He is a strategic thinker who can manage people, process and, well, sausage making. I've worked with Brandt as a client and as a colleague; in all cases, he was professional, direct, communicative, collaborative and enjoyable. In the end, however, it's about results, and he delivers.

Ed Houston - Marketing Technology Consultant | Process Improvement Leader

Visionary and strategic, with a wealth of executive marketing leadership.  Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of working along side Brandt. He possess a brilliant, yet natural ability to see the larger picture across multiple business channels and communicate that picture across to C-level executives, mid-level management leaders and team members. Brandt cares, and willingly shares his depth of knowledge to the point of being contagious. These are the ingredients that have driven, positive results.