Montana: we are here!

We pulled into LP Ranch (ranch loosely defined) on April 3rd around noonish. The moving van was scheduled to arrive on April 4th and it did! The entire contents of that big truck (2/3 of it was ours) was stacked strategically in our garage. Our life and stuff from 22 years in Orinda was now boxed and stored in a garage at the 45th parallel in Ennis Montana.

It was an odd moment when we realized that this was reality but the reality of the moment wouldn’t really hit until several months later. The funny thing is that there are moments in life when things change rapidly and its a flash bang moment of change and there were certainly moments in this move that were big flashes of change. But so much of this move was a gradual change because we had been talking and planning about this for quite some time.

Stuff was unloaded and we had some errands to do - like get some food, pick up our Land Cruiser that was in storage in Bozeman and just stuff to do.

The weird part was that we were only in Montana for about 10 days because we had rental guests coming that had booked the house a year ago. We sort of had to honor our rental commitments or pay to have them moved to another location. We had planned a road trip anyway so I guess it would be ok to collect a little rent money while we were on the road. Considering this home has been a vacation rental during the summers for the past 9 summers.