LA-Santa Fe

The road trip continues, in many ways is just now getting started.

We left LA with the intent to get to Santa Fe to visit Amy’s sister and family. Kelly Anne, Michael and Luke live just outside of Santa Fe on acreage that we have not yet seen. Well, I haven’t visited at least. We started off and headed east and visited some of the primo spots along the way. Desert Rats is what they call the folks that live out in some of this God forsaken lands. We didn’t get an early start so we ended up staying in Gallup, NM for the night. Not much to see there so up and out we went and got to Santa Fe for a late lunch.

LOVE Santa Fe - such a great town and it has been a LONG time since I had visited.

We had a great 2 night visit with family - highlights were just spending some quiet time with KA, Michael and Luke. We had a terrific lunch among the galleries. One of the many highlights for me was getting ride KA’s horse, Cree. it had been quite a while since I had ridden and I forgot how fun it was to ride.

Being with the family was really enjoyable for all the right reasons. Luke is growing up quickly and has such a great life on their 10 acres, he is enjoying school and has a good posse.