The time is NOW!

If not now, when?

It’s not just a rhetorical question. This question cuts to the core of our ability to take action and not just do what we need to do. We have all have our priorities - family, work, community - and we all make our choices and prioritize our day, weeks, months into how to best achieve our goals and aspirations.

Sometimes those obligations and responsibilities get in the way of acting in our best interests for the long term. Near term real world responsibilities like making a living to feed ourselves and our family take over all of our conscious thought. Maintaining and furthering our careers and must keeping the job we have is daunting enough. So how do you put the future into perspective?

The quick answer is that it’s not easy, not at all.

The longer answer is that we must find a way to fuel our purpose. Finding that purpose can be a quest. It can be long or short, easy or arduous but finding it is key to long term health and happiness.

Look deep, see what others see in you and move into that energy. The purpose is within you and teasing it out into your deliberate thought will give you the energy you need to move into your best life.