It's common sense really...

When did taking short cuts make anyone's life better, easier, safer, healthier.  When did treating people badly ever work out for anyone in the long run.  Applying common sense, being practical, looking out for many interests and serving people with dignity and respect will win all day, every day.  

The concept of fairness & transparency applies to business models and strategy.  If you design your business around positive outcomes and the best interests of your customers, suppliers, employees and the community.  Sounds simple doesn't it?  But it's not.  It's actually hard to do the right thing when considering many people in the value chain.  Someone has to lose right?  The notion of Win-Win is pretty hard to stomach because someone always wins more.  That's true - life is rarely balanced.  Business is rarely equal.  But does it have to be equal to be fair?  

As a business model strategist & designer, I have seen a lot of models that work for a while and then the market shifts and POOF, the old is gone and the new won't work.  Design in fairness and transparency and you build in longevity.

Here's an example