Sometimes inspiration can arrive at the strangest times and come from the most mundane of circumstances.  Waiting for inspiration, like a lightning bolt from the sky, rarely happens and it isn't something you can count on.  Finding the time to get inspired and scheduling inspiration time on your calendar is a bit too forced.  So how do you get inspired?  Is it reading a book?  Does exercising bring foster inspiration?  Can you talk inspiration to your consciousness?  Does taking notes trigger inspiration?  

For me it comes in waves.  Motivation and Inspiration or two sides of the same coin.  And I know that once an idea is sparked I need to move it to an action quickly in order to validate.  The action can be a discussion with a colleague, or making a list, or a drawing a picture or diagram on a white board - some action is needed, some kinetic behavior that helps flesh out the details to determine if it is worthy of more thought or something that simply gets tossed into short term memory to be forgotten.  

Inspiration and Motivation work together.  Create action, build something useful and move.  

Inspiration will come with action.