Pando Institute brings proven Methodologies and Experience to deliver the practical application of strategies for: growing revenue, expanding markets, developing new products, finding more customers, creating loyal followers, building a community of advocates and building an organization for growth.

Pando Institute Delivers: Strategy to Action, complete Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, Business Development, Lead Generation to expand sales, competitive positioning and much more.  Strategy to Action means measuring every step along the way for maximum effectiveness to meet the goal.

Pando Institute has the experience to bring real results to your organization, project or team. We also have some pretty cool people hanging around that we love to work with on a regular basis.

What others say:

Gahlord Dewald -Strategist

"Brandt's ability to observe and quickly grasp business opportunities in a changing marketplace is outstanding. He can quickly and skillfully move on from that initial observation through planning and required decision-making. His manner is fast-paced, creative, fun, and infectious for those who enjoy and thrive in innovative environments."

Scott Callender - Vice President First American Property & Casualty Insurance Agency, Inc.

"Visionary thinker, visionary planner, an executive who demonstrates keen foresight. I have had the pleasure of working with Brandt for the past 5 years and in that time, I learned many things from Brandt that have helped me. Brandt recognizes the importance of strategic planning, mission and vision statements and more importantly, ensuring that the business model and initiatives are aligned with the vision and mission. Brandt demonstrates a strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems often approaching problems from multiple points of views and following diverse approaches. I would characterize Brandt's leadership style as charismatic, dynamic, imaginative and decisive. Brandt displays a strong ability to lead and direct and yet promotes collaboration to get to a successful solution. He is willing to challenge conventional wisdom which is a rare characteristic in todays leaders that always want to play it safe. Simply put, Brandt has my respect and admiration as a leader and someone that can effectively manage and lead at the highest levels."