Focused on Results

Co-Founder Pando Institute, entrepreneur, connector  of dots and people.  Brandt is a strategist and has a knack for transforming ideas into successful ventures. He is a member of the board of directors of Pando Populus.

As a serial entrepreneur, Brandt has served as founder/co-founder/CEO for early stage ventures and well as an intrapreneur and CMO for Fortune 500 companies. Brandt cares most about mentoring people and teams to find their true purpose.

Deeply invested in building a better future, Brandt strives to find new paths for creativity, sustainable livelihoods, and fulfillment.

Much of his early career was spent at Microsoft, Apple and a handful of early stage companies as a co-founder and senior leader. 

Galvanized by the entrepreneurial rigor and having built and sold a couple of companies, Brandt joined a Fortune 500 company as an intrepreneur where he was able to launch several successful ventures.  After several years of working at making businesses bigger he pointed his efforts to people. 

Brandt has been a guest lecturer at Haas Business School, UC Berkeley and St. Mary's College. He is an Adjunct Professor at California College of the Arts in San Francisco in both Graduate and Undergraduate levels, teaching in several divisions. Brandt created the seminar class, Business Fundamentals, for the undergraduate Critical Studies Program. His graduate level teaching included the Business of Design: Startup in the Masters of Design Program as well as Business Models and Stakeholders and the capstone class, Venture Studio, in the DMBA program. 

“Teaching gives a fresh outlook on how best to communicate to motivate. Nothing is more gratifying seeing second career students in grad school find their passion in the process of discovery” -Brandt.

His real success is in building impactful teams and help individuals unlock their creativity to build better: businesses, careers, communities and lives.

Brandt always endeavors to address the specific needs of each client and his creativity and keen eye for optimized solutions drives him beyond the status quo.

Specialties: business strategy, start-ups, partners/alliances, securing growth capital, market research & analytics, revenue acceleration, digital branding, digital integration, social media channel development, technical product marketing.

What Others Say:

Jeff Turner - President at RealSatisfied

"Brandt has the creative enthusiasm of a 24-year-old start up CEO, and the wisdom that comes only from experience as both a successful entrepreneur and corporate executive. It's a refreshing and valuable combination of characteristics to find in business partner. Over the last few years he has become a trusted advisor, a valued business resource and a friend. It's hard to beat that."